Reconnect and make memories that last a lifetime!

Dear Payne Family & Friends

2020 is a very trying year with the COVID 19 epidemic on the rise. We decided to hold off from having our reunion in Rochester, NY. because of it. We had high hopes that things would get better but as it stands it got worst. Family is so important that the risk of possibly impacting anyone of us outweighed the reward of getting together, so we have postponed our reunion until 2021. We are still unsure whether it will be safe for us to come together at that time or not but we will remain hopeful at this time.

I understand that there has been 2 family members that have past from this virus and there may be some who had it and pulled through. I want to take a moment to offer our family’s condolences to the immediate families who were impacted!! If you have information about anyone that we should know about please call or txt me and I will post it here for everyone to see. 

Hotel Info will be determined, it was (DoubleTree) Henrietta, NY.

Anyone who has made prior reservations, the hotel has cancelled them and new ones will need to be made. I will update you with the place as soon as it is confirmed.

**UPDATES WILL BE PUBLISHED ON THE PAYNE FAMILY REUNION WEBSITE**   and the Facebook, payne family members group page.

Any family member who has paid their registration fee, can get a refund if you like, just let me know and I will mail you a check back. 

We will be sending out a new letter about the reunion as soon as it is determined. We look forward to seeing everybody ever year and it feels different not coming together this time, but it’s better to be safe than sorry! We will meet again soon. Please share this information with other family and friends so that they will be aware. 

Family, Be safe, wear your mask and practice social distancing!! We Love you!!

Beverly McMillon , 585-729-8348 Chair                                                                                Martha Delaine , 585-889-3864 Co-Chair                                                                                    P.O. Box 24873 Rochester, NY 14624